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Squareinfo.png Navigating the INOTLES Wiki

The Contents page provides an explanation of the basic contents of the INOTLES Wiki page. Use the searching option to look for specific pages.

General Help

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Before creating a new page, it is advisable to Search to see whether someone has already created a similar page. Click on Create a New Page under navigation on left sidebar and use the form for the proper namespace of your new page.

Squareinfo.png How to Edit an Existing Page

Check out the editing, formatting, and linking pages for information and help on how to edit and format your INOTLES Wiki contribution. Please note that you might require special permission for editing certain pages.

Squareinfo.png Organizing the INOTLES Wiki

The INOTLES Wiki is organized into four spaces based on the target subjects of the Wiki :

  • The Main Space is an open space reserved for articles that have an encyclopedic style, targeting a broad audience, and reflect the innovation of teaching and learning of European Studies.
  • Teaching Methods is reserved for articles related to innovative pedagogical approaches used in the field of European Studies.
  • Teaching Tools is a space for articles related to innovative teaching tools (software, hardware, e-learning, etc.) applied in the field of European Studies.
  • Course space is reserved for course-based content and activities.

The INOTLES Wiki is also organized by using categories and subpages.

NEW: INOTLES Wiki Terms of Use and Services Check out INOTLES Wiki Terms of Use and Services in order to consult the INOTLES Wiki policies and legal regulations.

Squareinfo.png Help Related Articles

See the Help Category for additional help documentation in other spaces of the wiki.

Squarefaq.png Frequently Asked Questions

You can find some answers in the Frequently Asked Questions

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Squareinfo.png MediaWiki Documentation

INOTLES Wiki runs on MediaWiki software platform. Check out the MediaWiki documentation for more information and help on how to create and edit content on the INOTLES Wiki or<ref> user guide to MediaWiki</ref>.

Much of the content of the INOTLES Wiki help pages came from the public domain user guide to MediaWiki.