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Welcome to the Teaching Tools
Teaching methods is a space reserved for articles related to
innovative teaching tools (software, hardware, e-learning, etc.) applied in the field of European Studies.

The Teaching Tools Namespace represents a community area for sharing the knowledge and experience regarding the use of various teaching tools in European Studies courses. The space welcomes contributions on innovative teaching tools, such as educational softwares and hardwares (e.g. interactive whiteboard), e-learning (virtual learning environments), social networks, etc. We encourage sharing of experience with the use of various tools (top tips, prerequisites and integration into course design and implementation). The Teaching Tools is designated with the prefix Teaching Tools:.

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Create a New Teaching Tools Page
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  • To add an already existing page to the Teaching Tools Space, use the move function and rename the page with the "Teaching Tools:" prefix. For example, a page named test would be renamed Teaching Tools:Test. See Help:Moving a page for more information.

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