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The present WIKI, based on openly editable content, promotes a living collaboration among the academic community on sharing best practices in teaching and learning, with the focus on the field of European Studies. It represents a resource on pedagogical methods and tools in teaching European Studies, including reflections on their advantages and challenges, as well as sharing specific models of course design or, more broadly, ES curricula.

The WIKI originates from INOTLES project activities aimed at mapping existing provisions and pathways in ES teaching and gaining practical understanding on the traditional and innovative pedagogical methods and tools applied.

INOTLES WIKI is written collaboratively, continuously ‘under revision,’ moderated by INOTLES staff, and welcomes voluntary (without pay) individual contributions both from INOTLES staff and wider academic community.

Anyone with a computer and Internet access can create or edit INOTLES WIKI sites without any special technical knowledge or tools. Further information on how to contribute to INOTLES WIKI and our guidelines regarding WIKI posts may be found in the section bellow 'Wiki contributions' and at INOTLES WIKI FAQ. Please consult INOTLES Terms of Use and Services in order to find out more about the general regulations regarding INOTLES webplatform and INOTLES WIKI.

WIKI contributions

INOTLES WIKI welcomes contributions on pedagogical methods and tools in teaching European Studies (ES), particularly from the academic community.

While the WIKI remains largely open to various contributions in the field of teaching and learning ES, INOTLES moderators particularly encourage WIKI posts based on the following topics:

  • Innovative teaching methods and active learning in ES, such as: problem-based learning (PBL), simulations/ role plays / learning games, project-based learning (e.g. research project), online/distance learning, blended learning (face-to-face and e-learning), work-based learning (e.g. collaboration with companies), peer-tutoring, special expert sessions, field-work (e.g. excursions), internship/student’s volunteering, exchange programs, etc.
  • Innovative teaching tools, such as educational software, e-learning (virtual learning environments), social networks, etc.
  • Interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching ES, etc.

​When posting a contribution regarding teaching methods, we encourage you to reflect upon the following issues:

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact WIKI moderator at: info[at]


Bellow are the four main principles guiding the use of INOTLES WIKI:

  • Neutral point of view: all INOTLES WIKI content must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly, proportionately and without bias.
  • Verifiability – material challenged or likely to be challenged and all quotations, must be attributed to a reliable, published source, people reading and editing the encyclopedia can check that information comes from a reliable source.
  • Mutual respect and civility: editors with diverse or conflicting points of view can collaborate on the creation of an article, while treating each other with mutual respect and civility
  • Acceptance and agreement to abide by INOTLES Terms of Use and Services.